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Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Review

In a world where laptops with standard designs dominate the market, Lenovo boldly steps into the future with the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i. This cutting-edge laptop boasts two 13.3-inch OLED screens, breaking away from traditional input methods and delivering a truly futuristic experience. As an early adopter, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of innovation.

The Futuristic Design

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i makes a striking first impression with its all-screen, keyboard-less design. As you open the laptop, you’re greeted by two stunning 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED displays, offering vibrant colors and impressive clarity at 2800×1800 resolution. Interacting with the screens is a breeze, thanks to a variety of taps and gestures that trigger different features. From a full-sized virtual keyboard to a digital trackpad, the possibilities are intriguing.

  • A futuristic all-screen design with two OLED displays
  • Bright and vivid visuals with excellent color saturation
  • Touchscreen controls eliminate the need for a physical keyboard and mouse
  • The steeper learning curve for mastering touchscreen controls
  • Prominent hinges can be distracting for certain activities, like video watching
Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Review

Plenty of Performance

Behind its innovative facade, the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i packs a punch with its hardware prowess. Equipped with an Intel 13th Generation Core i7-1355U processor, 16GB of memory, and 512GB of storage, this laptop handles demanding tasks with ease. Even when pushing the boundaries, such as running games like Asphalt 9 using the onscreen touch controls, the Yoga Book 9i maintains its performance without noticeable slowdowns.

  • Powerful hardware configuration ensures smooth performance
  • Capable of handling various tasks simultaneously
  • Additional second screen comes at no compromise to performance
  • Battery life falls short of manufacturer’s estimates
  • Lack of standby battery drain, when the laptop is closed, is a concern
The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i - i7

The Inclusion of Accessories

The Yoga Book 9i doesn’t come alone; it arrives bundled with accessories that complement its unique form. The package includes a versatile folio stand, a Bluetooth keyboard, a stylus, and a Bluetooth mouse. While the accessories enhance usability, carrying them around might feel a bit cumbersome, adding to the laptop’s overall weight.

  • The folio stand offers multiple configurations for flexible use
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse expand productivity options
  • Stylus enhances creative and note-taking capabilities
  • Carrying multiple accessories can make the laptop feel bulkier
The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

Room for Improvement

While the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i offers a glimpse of the future, there are areas that could use refinement in future iterations. The touchscreen controls and gestures, while innovative, might leave users searching for more intuitive options. Lenovo’s continual observation of real-world usage patterns will likely lead to software updates that improve user experience.

  • Continuous software updates may refine input methods
  • Lenovo can leverage user data to optimize interaction options
  • Users may feel the need for more straightforward and intuitive controls
  • Battery life and standby drain issues need resolution
Lenovo Yoga Book 9i

Final Verdict

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is undeniably an exciting foray into the future of laptops. Its all-screen design, powerful performance, and bundled accessories make it an intriguing choice for tech enthusiasts seeking innovation. However, it’s important to consider the learning curve associated with using touchscreen controls and the laptop’s battery life limitations.

If you’re an early adopter who embraces cutting-edge technology, the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is worth considering. On the other hand, if you prefer a more conventional laptop experience with a physical keyboard and longer battery life, it might be prudent to wait for future iterations of this concept.

With its $2,000 price tag, the Yoga Book 9i positions itself as a premium offering, appealing to those who crave a glimpse of what laptops could become. Regardless of your decision, Lenovo’s bold step with the Yoga Book 9i marks an exciting evolution in laptop design, setting the stage for future innovations in the computing world.

The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i


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