The cans are the ideal container for maintaining the integrity of the bear and they are also the most convenient to use as they are much easier to carry around and they are infinitely recyclable.
But drinking from a can has always been a worse experience compared to a bottle or a glass and have you ever wondered why beer in a can seems to tastes differently from beer in a glass? If you ever taught that bear coming from a glass bottle is the better quality you might be surprised because it is always exactly the same. You might also think that the beer takes the taste of the aluminum can...Not really, it actually does not but we perceive this taste because the lid traps the aroma and forces your nose against the metallic top thereby creating the perceived aluminum taste associated with cans.

As much as we like it or not, cans will always be here and no one can change that, but two American guys found a way to change them forever. They invented Draft Top, a can opener that transforms any aluminum can into a perfect glass.


Draft Top is extremely easy to use. You just have to open the handle, place the can opener flat over the beer can, or any other normal size juice can squeeze and rotate 90 degrees.

After that you can remove the can completely or push it into the can (don't worry, it is the same lid that you were touching with your mouth anyway, so it is perfectly safe).

Unfortunately, because aluminum is not magnetic you will have to remove the lit yourself. And if you are worried about sharp edges, we want to let you know that it is not the case. While cutting the lid, the device will also fold the aluminum into itself letting no exposed sharp edges. So you are perfectly safe.


Moreover, Draft Top is a very reliable product as you can take it with you anywhere you go. So no matter if you go to a barbecue or to a boat trip, you can always experience the taste of your favorite drink the way you are supposed to.

Draft Top is am an amazing product that everyone should have and it is also American made, so we highly recommend it. Let's support these guys because they are doing a wonderful job.

You can choose to buy the Draft Top directly from their website where you can find many other great products and you will also get a 10 percent discount on your first order, or you can get it from Amazon.