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Best Electric Water Gun

Summer’s here soon, so why not beat the heat with a water gun? Spyra Three is a fully automatic battery-powered beast with no limits. 

Just dip the front of the unit into the water and push the trigger forward, and within seconds it will load and pressurize the tank with high-pressure water. 

With a tactical display that’s just like the one in Halo, you can see your available ammo and battery power as you shoot. The display updates instantly and is even bright enough to use at night.

The Spyra Three has three different shooting modes. In League mode, it is the same as the Spyra Two, with rapid fire or the epic 15 meter Power Shot. The PowerShot is activated by holding down the trigger for three seconds, and the blaster will load up three shots and release them all at once when you release the trigger. In Burst mode, it’s semi-automatic and you can shoot three super fast shots in one go. And in Open mode, the Spyra Three becomes fully automatic – you can hold down the trigger and it will keep shooting until your water tank is empty. There are no limits here, or you could do rapid fire non-stop with no delay. On one water refill, you can shoot 22 powerful water blasts.

Electric Water Gun

The Spyra Three is an electric water gun that shoots 34.8 PSI and has three different settings: soft, medium and hard. It charges through USB cable, which is located on the bottom of the blaster. It can shoot thousands of water blasts each time you charge it up. The sound of the Spyra Three is loud and you can feel the recoil in each shot. It’s durable and has a long-lasting battery that will provide hours of entertainment throughout the summer. Compared to other outdoor toys and activities, it’s a steal!

If you’re trying to save money, the Spyra Two is a good choice. It’s still a great water blaster and comes in at only $149. The Spyra Three is also a good choice at that price; however, it offers automatic shooting and a higher range than the Spyra Two. If you’re looking for an affordable option, the Spyra LX is an excellent choice at only $79. This manual water blaster is perfect for exercising as you pump it to shoot, and it delivers loads of fun. No matter which model you choose, Spyra water blasters offer unique features that make them stand out from other water guns on the market.

With its power, technology, and versatility, Spyra Three electric water gun is the perfect way to stay cool and have fun in the sun. As for now, you can buy it on the official website but it will also be available on Amazon soon along with the other models.

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