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The Future of Keyboard is Here

Are you weary of using the same old and boring keyboard that has seen little to no change or improvement? 

Look no further than the Flux Keyboard, a groundbreaking new keyboard that can be configured to work with any software, language, or style.

The Flux Keyboard, designed by Australia’s Flux Group, has a transparent maglev key module that can be changed between tactile and linear keys and removed for easy cleaning. Not only that, but the keyboard has an embedded Full HD IPS display that flips between profiles to offer keyboard shortcuts and macros for various software packages and languages.

The keyboard includes adjustable layouts for popular applications, whether you’re a creative worker using Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools or a gamer trying to improve your gameplay. It is physically interchangeable with up to four distinct modules. This means you can use a window to display information or smooth dials similar to those seen on a mixing console, giving you, even more, control and versatility.

It’s versatility, however, distinguishes it from its competitors. The Flux Keyboard eliminates the need to move between keyboards for different hotkeys or functions. With adaptable keys that can be adjusted to any software, language, or style, the Flux Keyboard is a game changer for creatives and gamers. Not to mention the removable, easy-to-clean panel, which will be a boon to anyone who eats lunch on their gadget. Bid farewell to crumbs and spills and welcome to a clean and productive workspace.

This keyboard is a complete reinvention of the regular keyboard, not merely an improvement on it. It’s time to improve your office with the Flux Keyboard and experience keyboard technology’s future.


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