Travel Accessories 2020

Having a great trip, in most cases depends on how you prepare for it. In my case, making a good plan for my trip is one of the most important things because every time I travel I want to get the most out of the experience.
And I plan and plan, the last thing I worry about is what to put in my travel backpack. So many times I have struggled with this last detail. You know how it is, we would take the entire house with us if we could. Many times I've ended up carrying useless things with me and that became frustrating.

So I tried to prepare my backpack while I was planning the itinerary, by doing that I ended up always being prepared for where I was going, saving a lot of time and luggage space.
But being prepared sometimes involves carrying lots of things and who wants to carry a heavy backpack everywhere? I want to relax and enjoy my trip and I bet you want the same thing.
I have done some research and I found out that there are many travel accessories on the market that can make my life and my travel backpack easier.

But I'm not the only one who deserves to have an awesome trip, so I have decided to share with you some of the things I found very useful to take with me while I was traveling. I've discovered some awesome gadgets that can help you travel smarter and safer. So let's get into it!


  When travelling you need to have a great backpack that can satisfy any of your needs. I found this particular one to be pretty much perfect for any kid of trip. With this travel backpack you will always have enough room to store everything from clothes to your laptop, camera or any other gear. It has a large capacity 55x34x18cm, designed to be easy to carry in multiple ways.

 It is light weight, durable, scratch resistant, splash proof and most importantly is that this travel backpack has an anti-theft design keeping all of your belongings safe.


  Having a blanket with you always sound good. This is a ultra portable one that can fit in your pocket.

  It is water resistant, puncture and tear resistant. It won't stick to your skin thanks to the satin fabric finish on the top.  It even has built-in ground stakes so you won't need to bother with the wind.

 Comfortable and easy to use, this blanket protects you from rocks, water, twigs, dirt, sand and insects.


 This pretty electronic organizer really made my trips easier. Before buying something like this I was always struggling with tangled cables everywhere in my backpack or losing them so many times.

 The travel gear organizer is made of heavy-duty, durable and waterproof fabric. It has two compartments ,one with elastic band and mash pockets for cables and one for bigger gadgets. Perfect for storing everything in one place like your chargers, adapters, batteries, hard drives, headphones, even an iPad Mini.


 We always need to have a water bottle with us. But when you have limited space this can be a problem. So some smart guys created those collapsible bottles.

 This one made by Nomader is one of the best you can buy. It is made of ultra durable 100% food-grade silicon, sturdy and comfortable to drink from, easy to care, leakproof and versatile. The bottle handles hot or cold drinks, it is freezable, easy to refill and add ice ore fruits trough the wide mouth and most importantly it rolls up for compact travelling.


 Charging your devices on the go is a must so a great power bank will always be your best friend when you run out of juice. I never forget to put this one into my travel backpack, it was a life saver so many times.

 Anker power banks are some of the best on the market, they are equipped with leading technology, high quality LG battery cells and a multi protect safety system that ensures protection for you and your devices. It has a 20100mAh capacity with 4.8A output, providing fast charging. This means for example that you can charge an iPhone 8 almost seven times and its weight is just 12.5oz. 


 The safety of our belongings is very important and I found this luggage lock to be very useful and good quality. 

 It is very durable being made of a special alloy and having a hardened steel cable which provides extra flexibility. It is easy to set up and the most important thing is the Travel Security Symbol which tells TSA agents that they don't need to cut your lock to inspect your luggage. They can use their special key to open the lock and they also have to re-lock it after inspection.


 This is by far the most amazing travel pillow I found. Its modular design means that you can adjust it in any way according to your needs. 

 Cori Travel Pillow is very comfortable using memory form cushions wrapped in breathable cooling silky soft fabric. It is very compact and easy to store measuring 4.7'' in diameter when rolled and weighing 0.54lb.


 This might seem a little too old school for some of you but I found it to be a very pleasant experience to journal your adventures when you have some time between flights or when you're just relaxing in the evenings. It is also very helpful for remembering all your travel experiences, places you've visited and all those interesting people you've met along the way.

 This journal is a very stilish one, made from classy, durable genuine leather. Inside it has 100gsm archival-quality paper. It is available in three sizes and most importantly it is refillable and comes with three different refills inside each one having 64 pages.


 When you are travelling a lot, especially when switching between continents, you definitely need something like this. It really made my life easier and saved me some money.

 This travel power adapter can be used worldwide ,works up to 1840Wat 230V and 880W at 110V. Foval  also has 4 USB ports and one UCB-C Port, it's durable made of anti-fire materials and safe having a anti-electric shock separation installed, a dual overload fuse and also plug-lock setting.

 It is compact, comes with a carrying bag and a USB cable that can switch between USB-C and Lightning.


 Travelling with a suitcase sometimes ends up in a mess. So if you have decided to travel like this the best favor you can do to yourself is to be organized. This can save you from a lot of struggle.

 Those luggage compression organizers are amazing, helping you to store more stuff inside your suitcase an always find what you are looking for.  They are waterproof, hard-wearing, lightweight and durable. 


 Some of us really love to take tons of pictures and record hours of video footage while travelling. [How many of you have this passion?  Please let me know in the comments bellow, I would love to know!] 

 I tried to find the most suitable for any situation and I am glad for finding this one from G-Technology. The best thing about it is that it is shockproof, rain and dust resistant. 

 The hard drive is USB-C ready, USB-3.0 and Thunderbolt 3 compatible. It comes in 3 memory configurations: 1TB , 2TB or 4TB so you can chose the one that suits your needs the best.


 If you like taking lots of pictures and making amazing videos while you travel, but you don't want to carry a big camera with you, the perfect solution is a GoPro. I personally use the GoPro Hero5, it is a little pricy but is a very good investment. 

 It is waterproof 33ft, records stunning 4k video and takes 12Mp photos + it has burst and time laps modes.

 Of course there is the latest version GoPro Hero7 if you want the best of the best.  


  Along your journey you might end up with an empty bottle of water and the only source might be a river or a lake. We all know that drinking water from those sources without cleaning it somehow might end up in some really unpleasant situations.

 LifeStraw water filter is a must-carry tool for traveling, hiking, camping or any emergency.  It removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites making any source of water safe for you.


 While travelling it is very nice and pleasant to keep your toiletry and cosmetics organized. This kind of bags help you have all the things you need in one place offering easy access.

 This one from MONSTINA  is pretty affordable, durable. it's made of high-quality Oxford cloth fabric, waterproof and very easy to use.  


 This wireless router can convert any wired network connection into a wireless one or bridge an existing wireless signal to create a secure W-Fi connection. You can also attach a USB 0r external hard drive and free the space from your phone over Wi-Fi connection. 

 Another amazing thing is that you can use it to stream your videos and music to your TV, media player, Chromecast, Roku or other DLNA devices.


 This travelsafe is meant to keep you most valuable belongings safe in any circumstances. 

 It has 360 degrees steel wire mesh embedded in poly canvas fabric which is highly cut resistant. You can lock it to fixed objects, pipes or any piece of furniture that can't be moved in hotel rooms. It is also waterproof so you can also use it in many other places like the beach for example.


 A RFID blocking wallet is a great investment because you have to keep all your documents, money and credit cards organized and safe while travelling.

 This passport holder has lots of space inside for passports, money, tickets and cards. It is made of tear resistant material and also waterproof. However the best thing is the RFID Blocking so no one can steal your information.


 This kind of scurf is one of the most amazing fashion accessories you can wear while travelling, especially if you're a women.

 With this you won't need a purse or a little backpack just to carry your money, cards, passport or phone. Your belongings will be very safe in the hidden pocket around your neck. It is very stylish, made of quality materials, the pocket is wide enough and most importantly you can chose from 37 colors and designs.


  The standard airline weight limits range from 50 to 70 pounds and if your luggage is heavier, you need to pay overweight bag fees from $50 to $200 which is a total waste of money.

This happened to me one time and it was enough for me to invest $10 into a digital scale that saved me so many times since then.


 I can say that probably one of the most needed travel accessories you would want is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Those can block out the noise from streets, from the airplane during the flight or any other unwanted noise that could disturb your peace.

 Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones is one of the best choices in case you want to buy a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones.


 We all know that to travel doesn't always means visiting beautiful cities, it means exploring, going beyond the limits and seeing the places that most tourists don't. By being a little adventurous you end up discovering incredible places and astonishing views.

 Stumbling over amazing landscapes deserves to have a comfortable hammock which you can carry around easily and hang to almost anything, so you can relax and contemplate the view. 

 This one is one of the most compact, resistant and easy to mount that I found on the market and I truly love having it with me outdoors.


 This one is for all watersports lovers. Many people travel on very exotic places around the world but they avoid to experience the beauties of diving, surfing or swimming because of shark fear. With this you won't have to warry abut that.

 This device is made with technology based on proven science, published research and testing. It needs no charging and it waterproof up to 330ft (100m).

 The main idea around this device is that it emits a frequency that repels sharks instantly.


 Some people really want to keep their money safe while travelling. 

 This is a very useful travel accessory in this case. It is very resistant, can be used with almost any outfit you have and it is adjustable.

 It also comes in a variety of colors and designs.


 Bose SoundLink Micro is one of the most suitable bluetooth speakers for travelling as it is tiny, powerful, sleek, water and dust proof, IPX7 Rated. It is perfect for the beach, camping, biking or any other outdoor activities. The 6 hour battery life will be enough for the day.

 Here you can find an in-depth review for this speaker and also some amazing alternatives as there are lots of Bluetooth speakers you can chose from. Read the review and discover alternatives 


One essential travel accessory to buy and always have in your backpack is a microfiber towel.

 It is ultra compact, lightweight, super absorbent fast drying. A quick dry travel towel like this is suitable for many kinds of situations like gym, swimming, camping, jogging or any other activity where you need to get yourself dry.

 Ideal for backpacking saving lots of space and it also comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


 In case you are using an air humidifier at home it is essential to have a portable humidifier for travel especially when very dry places are on your bucket list.

 This mini travel humidifier is ultra compact and quiet, has auto shutoff and timer functions, it works either with AA batteries or a USB cable.

 The best thing about this tiny travel humidifier is that it lets you transform any standard sized (<20oz) water bottle into a moisture-producing water tank.


 This waterproof bag is an awesome travel accessory which I personally love. It is perfect for any water activities or outdoor in general. 

 It is very well built, rugged, durable, it offers good protection for electronics and it floats. You can chose between 5 sizes and 7 colors and it also comes with a waterproof bah for phone.


 I have a pair Bose QuietComfort 35 II that I really love having with me while travelling but sometimes, something more compact with more battery life is a better choice.

 This particular ones are called Mifo 05, they are pretty affordable compared to the high-end brands but the sound quality and performance are amazing. They are IPX7 waterproof, use the latest technology and most importantly they have 6-7 hours of battery life on a single charge and up to 100 hours with the case, which makes them the best earbuds for travel.

 In case you are interested to read more about them here you can find a full review. Also here are reviewed 9 more top true wireless earbuds brands.


 Going on a backpacking trip or an outdoor adventure definitely requires a good and reliable headlamp. It is one of the essentials you must have on your trip accessories list.


 A GorillaPod is perfect to have with you in of your travel adventures if you are into photography. This one is compact, durable and lightweight.

 There are more versions of this tripod but for more stability you should chose the 3K model. 


 I know that many of you thought about bringing a bottle of wine as a souvenir from your vacation but you are always worried about it ending up in pieces. So here is the best solution, this inflatable travel bag will make sure that your fragile souvenir won't end up in pieces.


 Reading is a perfect solution to pass time while traveling. But classic books take up lots of space in your luggage. 

Kindle Oasis is one of the must-have travel essentials these days because you can carry so many books with you in such a little and comfortable package. Also, this e-book reader is waterproof so you won't need to worry about carrying it out to the pool or on your boat trips. 

 Here you can find a wide variety of ebooks.  >  Download 


 When we travel in the great outdoors most likely we won't have access to any kind of electricity. I've been in this situation. A power bank is great but a solar power bank is even greater and it was very useful to have with me on my mountain trips.

This 26800mAh solar power bank has 4 foldable solar panels, 2 inputs (Micro USB, Type-C) and 2 outputs, emergency led light and it is also waterproof and shockproof. Overall a very high quality portable solar power bank that can save you from the lack of electricity if you travel in, let's say, less civilized places.


 Having a camera for travel is a must of any of us but sometimes it is uncomfortable to carry a big bulky camera and all sorts of filming equipment with you everywhere.

 This amazing camera gimbal from DJI might be de perfect solution if you need a very compact, high-quality camera with amazing stabilization. Many of you probably already know what I am talking about but just in case and for the one who doesn't I've done an in-depth review of the DJI Osmo Pocket that you can read here. Since I bought it, this became the camera that I always carry with me everywhere.


 If you love to take aerial footage while you travel, DJI Spark is the perfect drone to take with you. Its foldable design will make it easy to carry and it won't take too much space in your luggage. Also, the quality of the footage this drone provides is one of the best.

You can also check the drone section here to discover more high-quality drones that are available on the market.