Top Ture Wireless Earbuds

Here is the list of Top Ture Wireless Earbuds that are available on the market in 2020. You can take a look and scroll down to read my personal review for each one of them.

Things you should consider when buying true wireless earbuds:

  1. Battery life (playtime) - around 3.5 hours is OK
  2. Weight. 
  3. Range - most of them offer a range between 25 and 40 ft.
  4. Water and sweet proof or resistant.
  5. Bluetooth version - 5.0 is the best (no delays).
  6. Fit and comfort - how good are they fitting into your ears and how comfortable they are.
  7. Active noise canceling - the earbuds capability to isolate outside noise and let it trough when needed.
  8. Wireless charging capabilities.
  9. Case size & battery life - here is all about your personal preferences.
  10. Magnetic charging - it is best when the earbuds are hold in place into the charging case with magnets so they don't pup out accidently and they automatically fit in place when you put them in.
  11. Price, look and built quality - good looking and quality wireless earbuds don't necessarily have to be extremely expensive.

 We will talk about each of this aspects  and more going trough each pair of true wireless earbuds presented up-words.

  I have found good quality earbuds from all price categories from affordable to expensive so you can chose the ones that suites you the best. 

 I have decided to start with my personal favorites and the ones I have trying to find for a long time.
 Havit TWS G1 meets all of the requirements mentioned up-words at a decent price.

 The sound quality is very good with rich bass and amazing heights. Havit G1 is built with premium materials and it is shock proof!

 Those have a unique look that I have never seen in any wireless earbuds design. The case is made out of two parts which hold magnetically to each other and it is also very secure. I have tried and it dose not open accidentally. The earbuds are also hold inside by magnets (magnetic charging).

 They are designed for any kind of activity, gym, running, biking, skating or anything you could think of. They have a FALLPROOF design so they won't fall out.

 They auto pare to your device when you open the case which is a very good feature.

 Havit G1 is compatible with any device and supports any voice assistant. Also call quality is very good thanks to the built-in microphone.

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 In terms of the features they offer a good battery that will last 3,5 hours and 21 hours with the charging case. If you are on low juice the case can give a 1 hour charge in just 20 minutes.

 They have a 40ft range, Bluetooth 5.0 and they feature Waterproof IPX5 so you won't worry about rain or sweat.

 The earbuds fit perfectly in any ear as they came with additional silicon parts for adjustments, they are very secure thanks to the earhooks and they are amazingly comfortable.

 Havit G1 comes with noise canceling features and also support wireless charging

 The one button action system is pretty easy to use confortable and you will learn the commands in no time. Also feature mono mode which is great.

 I have personally fallen in love with the look of these earbuds. It is minimalistic and so good looking. They are perfect for any activity and even the case is waterproof.

  I consider Havit TWA G1 one of the best earbuds, pretty affordable for what they can offer. You should take a look at them if you are searching for a good quality and decent priced set of true wireless earbuds.

The Good

  • Great for any sport
  • Super Lightweight(6 grams)
  • Very good sound quality
  •  Excellent Fit
  • Premium build quality 
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Strong wireless performance
  • Noise-isolation

The Bad

  • Less-than-stellar battery life
  • No ANC

 If you are an AirPods fan, this is something for you. I found out that TicPods by Mobvoi is the cheaper and better alternative to AirPods.    

  I like them because they are very stilish, the sound is very balanced and they look great for any outfit especially is you chose a casual one. 

 The most interesting thing about those wireless earbuds is the Touch Control and that's because you can swipe up and down on any earbud to change the volume, you can skip the song, answer calls and activate the assistant. You will love this feature, it makes your life a lot easier, trust me.

 TicPods are very comfortable, they stay secure in your ears so won't fool out even if you are running or doing other sports activities.

 They feature in ear detection and also noise isolation. And integrating voice assistant support is a great feature to have.

 They have built-in microphone so they are perfect for calls and they perform great in this field.

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 TicPods are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 which is also very good so you won't experience any lag. Also the paring process is very quick and simple.

 You won't need to worry about rain, dust or sweat because they will withstand any of those with IPX5 Water and Dust Resistance technology.

 In terms of battery life those earbuds are very good providing 4 hours of playtime on a single charge and also 18 additional hours with the charging case which is capable of fast charging which is great if you are in a hurry.

 I think that the built quality is one of the best out there, they look very expensive although they are cheaper than the AirPods.

 So if you are looking for a stilish and amazing pair of wireless earbuds that are full of awesome feature, here they are! TicPods!

The Good

  • Balanced sound
  • Touch controls
  • Comfortable
  • Very good battery life
  • Carrying bag
  • Noise-isolation

The Bad

  • Now EQ in APP
  • One extra set of additional silicon tips.

 Now, let's jump a little bit up with the price and of course with the functionality. Jabra Elite Active 65t might seem a little bit pricy but I can assure you they worth the money.

 At first sight, I was impressed of their futuristic design. They look incredible in your ears and they are also very comfortable and stay secure in your ears.

  These earbuds are made out of high quality materials and one great thing that I've noticed about this is that the earbuds and the case are scratch resistant. 

 They are designed for every day use even if that means going to the gym, they are perfect for any kind of activity.

A single disadvantage might be that the earbuds are not hold inside by magnets but  the case is very secure and won't open accidently.

 I can admit that the sound quality is great, one of the best and you can adjust anything with the dedicated application which adds more other features such as step-counter.

 Another great thing is the Auto-pairing which is almost instant, by the time you open  the case and put the earbuds into your ears they are already pared to your device. Also they feature multiple device paring, that means switching between devices automatically, let's say if your phone calls when you are listening to music from laptop.

 Speaking of device, these wireless earbuds are compatible with any of them, compatible with any assistant and also they have built-in Alexa. Awesome feature!

 The controls are clickable, they fell very nice, comfy and easy to get used to.


 I have to admit that Jabra nailed it this time with the Active model and I'll explain you why while going trough the technical details.

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  Jabra Elite Active 65t is equipped with the latest technologies so they couldn't avoid using Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures a awesome connection.

 They can stand up to 5 hours in playtime and the case provides 2 additional charges so we are looking at 15 hours of good quality sound without wires at least for 33ft.

 You won't need to worry about water, sweat or dust because they feature IPX5 Water resistance.

 The call quality is great, having four built-in microphones perfectly oriented, also featuring noise isolation and mono mode.

 Here comes the best part. Jabra thought every detail, even our safety and they have integrated the most awesome feature to this wireless earbuds, letting in the outside sounds when needed trough one of the built-in microphones.

 As the name says they are made for an active lifestyle so you can keep them in your ears all day long without warrying about not hearing what is happening around you thanks to the Hear-trough technology which can also amplify the outside sounds if the music is off.



 All of this being said, I truly consider that Jabra Elite Active 65t can satisfy all our needs in terms of true wireless earbuds and they worth every cent

The Good

  • Amazing sound clarity 
  • Comfortable
  • Very good battery life
  • Hear-trough technology
  • Stepp counting
  • Great Application+EQ
  • Noise-canceling and isolation

The Bad

  • Not astronomical battery life but still awesome! :))

 Remaining on the pricier side for a while, let's take a look at the very popular Bose SoundSport.

 These set of true wireless earbuds was mainly designed for sports, looking the same as the previous model Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones which was wired.

  They inspire a premium look. These earbuds and their case are made from high quality materials, built to last.

 I like so much their design but one thing that I don't like is that they are very visible when you put them in your ears. Some of you won't find this as a disadvantage but I must tell that those are not for everyone.

 But they are perfect for runners. They wont fall out from your ears by any means thanks to the additional ear-hook that they have. Also I found out that they are amazingly comfortable.

 Another thing that I don't like is that the control buttons are a little bit hard to press, but I think that this is a get to use to thing.

 These are hold in by magnets  inside the case which is great. You won't risk to lose them and if you do you can use the Find My Buds feature inside the application.


  Considering that those true wireless earbuds are manufactured by Bose, the sound is amazing as usual, but they don't feature noise canceling and that's because in sports it is good to hear trough a little bit surrounding sounds. 

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 In terms of battery life they last 5 hours on a single charge and 10 additional hours with the case. Another bonus is that they feature fast charging.

 The call quality is good thanks to the built-in microphones and the connection is amazing without any lag or interruption thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0.

 You won't need to warry too much about sweet, rain or dust because they are IPX4 Water resistance but you should take care not to drop them into water. 

  They are very good wireless earbuds but I have to complain about the fact that they lack some things like in ear detection(they won't stop playing if you take one out) and auto-paring (you have to push a little button for that). 

 That's being said Bose SoundSport is a great looking pair of earbuds, but as I said they are not made fore everyone. Considering the lack of features and the price I would recommend the wired model which is cheaper or even other brands.

Wired model Bose Soundsport

The Good

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Very good battery life
  • Find My Earbuds feature
  • Fast charging

The Bad

  • IPX4
  • Bulky aspect
  • No in ear detection
  • No noise canceling 
  • No auto-pairing 

 Earlier I was talking about an alternative to Bose SondSport and I found it.

 Under Armour  by JBL is the best choice for sports but also for any other activity thanks to their rough premium design which I personally love. 

 Being engineered by JBL, the sound is amazing, exceptional, everything you could wish for I can say, and the fact that they are produced by Under Armour provides the best build quality by far.

 They have a rough and also premium look being made out of very resistant materials.

 They might look rough but they are pretty light weigh and look sleek enough in your ears. The case may seem a bit bulky but it is ok considering the battery life and it's resistance and built quality. 

 Speaking about the case, the earbuds are hold inside it by very strong magnets so they won't fall out when you open the case.

 These wireless earbuds are very comfortable and secure so you won't encounter any discomfort or dropouts thanks to the additional ear-wings which keeps them locked in your ears. I also love the look that that rubber on their side which also ads a better grip to them.

 The "H" signs are actually the clickable control buttons which are pretty easy to push.

 Auto-paring is a great feature that those include so by the time they are in your ears they have already pared to your device. They can also work with any assistant.

 The earbuds have built-in microphone and to be honest the phone call quality is good considering that they were designed for sport. Oh, and they also feature mono mode.


 The features JBL provides are numerous and I think that they can satisfy almost everybody. I really appreciate things that are made to be  serious and resistant and Under Armour really managed to earn my respect with this awesome product.

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 JBL's set of true wireless earbuds comes with Bluetooth 4.2, it is not the latest technology but it gets the job done so you wont experience any lag or interruptions.

 The battery life is very good with 5 hours of playtime per charge and 20 additional hours with the case.

 I said that those are very resistant and they are till the and. These earbuds are IPX7 Rated so they are totally water proof and dust proof.

 JBL also added two more features that I really love and I think you will love too:

  •  Talk-Thru technology that drops music down and turns on speech-optimized, noise-cancelling mics so you can easily talk with someone between sets without removing your headphones.
  • And thinking to our safety JBL lets us chose between noise-cancelling and Ambient Aware technology which allows you to continue to listen to your music during your workout, but still be aware of your surroundings.

 I am impressed and taking into consideration all of those great aspects that Under Armour by JBL brings to us I really think that they worth the money even if they might seem pricier them the other ones. For this price you also get a 1 year log subscription to MapMyRun which is a good 30$ bonus. And if there are people who find the too price I can suggest the wired alternative to those which is cheaper but has the same quality an feature > Under Armour JBL Sport Wireless React  or even JBL UnderArmour Sport Wireless in-Ear Headphones with Heart Rate Monitor (Black). 

JBL React
JBL Sport in-Ear

The Good

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Very good battery life
  • Talk-trough technology 
  • Ambient-aware technology
  • IPX7 Rated
  • Noise-cancelling and isolation

The Bad

  • None that I can talk about.

 After looking at all of those premium brands of wireless earbuds, I think it is time to see some more affordable alternatives which are also very good. 

 Rowkin Ascent Charge+ is a set of true wireless earbuds that I really think can be taken into consideration.

 Rowkin took care of the sound quality which is one of the best in this list. There is also an app with EQ settings and very important the FineMyBuds feature.

 Those earbuds are built from pretty good materials, they are really small and comfortable.

The additional rubber ring that you can see around each earbud is made to make them stay more secure in your ears but you can remove them if you need. What I want to say is that they are pretty good for working out.

 They also nailed it with the case which might seem a little big is equipped with USB Type-C and Wireless Charging. Oh, and the case can also act like a powerbank if needed.

 The case is really secure having strong magnets to keep it closed and the earbuds are hold inside by strong magnets too.

 The earbuds have built-in microphones and in the terms of call quality they are decent. They are also compatible with any assistant witch can be accessed by the touch controls.

The paring process is also very simple and quick.


 Let's talk a little bit about the technical stuff.

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Rawkin Ascent has Bluetooth 5.0, so there is to need to warry about any connectivity issues or video lag.

 Something interesting about these is that each earbud connects separately to your device so you can use any of them in mono mode not like all other wireless earbuds that have a master and a slave (don't get me wrong, they are still stereo and perfectly synced).

 You can also pare them with two devices at the same time so they will switch automatically let's say if your phone rings and you are listening to music on another device.

 They are solid for workouts too being IPX5 Rated so no need to warry about rain or sweet.

 The battery life is around 3.5 hours and with the case you get 50+hours of battery life so you won't need to charge this too often.

 Last but not least they are capable of noise-isolation but unfortunately don't feature hear-trough technology. Maybe on the next version.

 With all those interesting features I think Rowkin Ascend Charge+ is a great set of wireless earbuds and they can be placed among the best and they have a middle range price.

 Oh, and if you them but the size of the case is a problem I want to let you know that they also came in a Micro Version that you can check out right here.


Rowkin Ascent Micro

The Good

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Awesome battery life
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Noise-cancelling
  • FindMyBuds

The Bad

  • You can't adjust the volume by using the touch controls.

 I wont to present you a pair of wireless earbuds that are truly amazing for their price.

 Mifo 05 managed to impressed me with the design, sound quality and functionality. 

 The sound quality is awesome, very detailed, crisp and clear and the base is strong enough for any taste.

 The built quality is awesome, they really look premium and long lasting. The case is made out of nice looking aluminium, it has a heavy and premium felling. Also the closing mechanism is very secure and pleasant to use.

 The earbuds themselves have a shiny metal look to them, they have a low profile and they are one of the most comfortable and secure.  

 Inside the earbuds are hold by magnets so they won-t drop out of the case when you open it. They are perfect for every day use and also for the gym.

 Auto-pairing is not missing from  those which is great. And speaking of paring these earbuds feature even shearing (independent connectivity form mono mode usage) so you can connect one earbud to a device and the other one to another device which is pratty interesting and may be useful in some situations.

  They have built-in microphones but the call quality is not one of the best. It will do the job in most cases.


  In terms of features, Mifo 05 managed to deliver some of the best and to be honest I am impressed.

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 You won't need to warry about any connectivity issues or lag because those are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

 If you are looking for huge battery life, Mifo is what you need. They provide 6 to 7 hours of playtime on one charge and 100 hours more with the charging case.

 I said that the earbuds are build to last and that's because they are IPX7 Rated so no need to wary about water at all.

 The controls are those little clickable buttons which are very easy to press and they can also activate any assistant.

 They feature noise-isolation but when you stop the music they let the outside sounds in trough the microphones so you can have a conversation without having to take them out.

 Personally I am really impressed by the Mifo 05  and I think that they are a very good and affordable pair of wireless earbuds for anyone. You can't get it wrong with those, they are impressive.

The Good

  • Awesome sound quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • Huge 100 hours battery life
  • IPX7 Rated
  • Noise-isolation

The Bad

  • They came only in one color 

 As I said earlier a good quality pair of true wireless earbuds doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.

 JBuds Air made by JLab Audio are a great entry level pair of earbuds that manages to be even better than brans like Apple in terms of functionality and even sound quality.

 Speaking of the sound, it is great and they even have 3 EQ stings which you can select from using the buttons on the earbuds (JLab Signature, Balanced an Bass Boost).

 The buttons control everything and they are pretty easy to press so you don't have to jam the earbuds into your ear to hard.

 The earbuds are light weight and also very comfortable. They provide a good seal for noise-isolation.  They stay secure in your ears so you can use them for gym or running.

 The case is made out of had plastic so it's very durable and will keep the earbuds secure inside featuring magnetic charging pins.

 A unique and really practical thing that I like is that the charging cable is integrated into the charging case so you won't need to carry one with you.

 The paring process is not automatic but it's pretty simple and quick. 

 They have built-in microphone so you can use them for calls and the call quality is decent, you can use them in mono mode they are not assistant enabled.


 For a entry level pair of true wireless earbuds I think that those are great. Let's jump into the features that those have.

Check price

  JBuds Air are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, so don't warry, you won't experience any lag or interruption. The problem is with the package which was not updated in time for the launch so it may write 4.2 on it, but in reality it is 5.0.

 The battery will last from 3 to 4 hours of playtime and you will get 10+ hours with the charging case. 

 The earbuds are IP55 Rated which will provide sweat and dust protection.

 I find Jbuds Air as being a very good pair of true wireless earbuds and most importantly they are pretty cheep.

 If you like those but you want an upgrade in terms of battery life, IP Rating or functionality I recommend you those:

JBuds Air Sports
JBuds Executive
JLab Audio Epic Sport

The Good

  • Very good sound quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • EQ settings
  • Noise-isolation

The Bad

  • Only IP55 Rated
  • Not huge battery life
  • No assistant

 Here we have a nice half priced AirPods alternative made by Anker, which is also better in most of the fields.

 Anker is a well known company which makes the best  powerbanks and cables on the market but at budget prices. 

 Soundcore Liberty Air has a pretty similar design if you are an Apple fan but with lots o improvements.

 The sound quality is very good, they could be a little bit louder but they compensate by making a better job in isolating the outside noise.

 The earbuds stay perfectly inside the ears and won't fall of even if you are running.

 I thing that one o the best features are the touch controls which can also activate any assistant. They also feature auto-paring which is great.

 The case has a capsule like design made out of good quality material and has a mate finish. The cap has a magnetic closing mechanism so won't open accidently.

 I would've liked to see the black mate finish on the earbuds themselves to in steed of the glossy black which gives them a bit of a cheep looking,  but it is what it is.

 These earbuds have two microphones which work together for noise-reduction. Also the call quality is pretty good. 


 I think that Anker managed to make a very good pair of true wireless earbuds, so let's se what they are capable in terms of technical features.

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 Liberty Air are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which ensures the best connectivity.

 The battery allows you to listen up to 5 hours of music and has a total of 20 hours with the case.

 They are good for workouts too, being lightweight and also IPX5 Rated so they can resist water, sweat or dust.

 So all of that being said I like Soundcore Anker Liberty Air and the features they managed to bring at this price.

The Good

  • Good sound quality
  • Very Comfortable
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Noise-cancelling and isolation

The Bad

  • No app or EQ
  • Glossy finish

Maybe you have never heard of this company. Nor I, but a friend of mine told me to check them out and I was impressed of their price and features.  

 They look awesome, have a premium look and I haven't seen such a big variety of colors at any other company.

 All I can say is that these really deliver some impressive sounds with great deep base and also very crisp and clear.

  They are very comfortable, lightweight, sleek looking and stay secure in your ears being great for running and gym.

 All the controls can be reached  trough the buttons on the side of each earbud, one of them activating the voice assistant. Those are soft touch buttons and won't heart your ear. 

 They have a built-in microphone for phone calls which are decent

 Auto-pairing is not missing from those and that's great. Any of the earbuds can be used in mono mode not having a master or slave bud.

 The charging case has a glossy black finish to it and it feels solid, the lid has a good snap to it. Also the earbuds are hold inside by strong magnets.


 Let's get trough the technical stuff which impressed me even more.

Check price

 They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, so no connectivity or latency here.

 The battery life manages to deliver from 6 to 8 hours of playtime and 30 hours with the charging case.

 As a matter of fact, the case has USB-C and the greatest thing is that it has wireless charging which is a great feature to have.

 Sabbat E12 are also IPX5 Rated making them resistant to splashes of water , sweat or dust.

 I am personally really excited about Sabbat E12, they can easily outstand some of the high end brands on the market. You should definitely check them out. 

And if you want a greater variety of colors with prints and a different kind of ear-tips check out Sabbat X12 Pro 3D.

Sabbat X12 Pro 3D

The Good

  • Impressive sound quality
  • Very Comfortable an Sleek 
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Noise-isolation
  • Wireless charging
  • Big variety of colors

The Bad

  • The call quality is not amazing but dose the job

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  • Keep in mind that everybody has different ears so to experience the perfect fit and the best sound quality from any kind of true wireless earbuds that you buy, try out different sizes of ear-tips. Most of them come with a variety of these but you can try other ones too.
  • The pricier is not always the best. Tray to find the ones that fits your need the best. 

 I hope you found my article useful. I would be glad if I knew I really helped you in taking the best decision so fell free to leave a comment down bellow.

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