Your bike is like an extension of your body that helps you travel faster, healthier and also much cleaner. It lets you experience the world around you like no other transportation means and SmartHalo, all-in-one bicycle accessory is here to enhance your experience even more.


Sometimes you need to use your smartphone while you are riding your bike, mainly for navigation, and that might be quite dangerous for you and others That's where SmartHalo comes in.
 The main idea behind this device is to bring the navigation feature right on your handlebar. It is pretty simple and ingenious. All you have to do is to mount it to your bike and connect to your smartphone, set the destination and you're good to go. The minimalist LED system on the top will permanently guide you turn-by-turn towards your destination and visually show you your speed.
 It also has a powerful front light that you can turn on from the app or set it to turn on automatically once it gets dark. The app is also capable of fitness tracking using a built-in activity tracker that monitors your cycling metrics like your speed, distance, and calories burned.

The most intriguing thing about this smart bike device is its anti-theft feature. Using integrated motion sensors that activate once you get away from your bike, SmartHalo will set up a 110dB alarm which will be triggered in case anyone will try to mess with your bike.
 The last feature of this smart bike device is the assistant that will notify you about any incoming calls or messages that you might miss because of the street noise and vibration.
 In short terms, this is an all-in-one bicycle accessory created to make the cyclist's life easier.