Victrola Coffee table has a simple, yet elegant design which will look great anywhere you will place it in the house or even outside.

 The table is very simple to assemble, doesn't require any special tools. Just screw the three legs into the bottom, plug it into the wall to charge it and it is ready.

 The special thing about this table is that it has a battery that can last up to 10 hours of playtime so you won't be needing a plug in case you don't have one in a specific place. You cold also take it outside into the back yard.

 You can also keep it plugged in permanently if you want to.

 It is equipped with 360 degrees speakers and a back subwoofer, delivering 88 W of high quality stereo sound.

 This table is equipped with two USB ports for charging your devices and also wireless charging on the top in case you have a newer device.

 The quality of the Victrola Coffee Table is made out of premium materials, having a nice walnut finish and surrounding the sides of the table is a super slick grey fabric. 

 The table's dimensions are 40.8 x 40.8 x 65 cm an it weights around 7.72 kg.

 Getting trough all the characteristics of this piece of smart furniture, I think that Victrola Coffee Table deserves a place in anyone's leaving room.