Havit TWS G1 is a pair of true wireless earbuds  that stands out by the unique design. They were made after scanning thousands of human ears just to ensure they fit perfectly for anyone and stay secure inside the ear. They are waterproof and feature wireless charging


The sound quality is very good with rich bass and amazing heights. Havit G1 is built with premium materials and it is shock proof!

 Those have a unique look that I have never seen in any wireless earbuds design. The case is made out of two parts which hold magnetically to each other and it is also very secure. I have tried and it dose not open accidentally. The earbuds are also hold inside by magnets (magnetic charging).

 They are designed for any kind of activity, gym, running, biking, skating or anything you could think of. They have a FALLPROOF design so they won't fall out.

 They auto pare to your device when you open the case which is a very good feature.

 Havit G1 is compatible with any device and supports any voice assistant. Also call quality is very good thanks to the built-in microphone.


 In terms of the features they offer a good battery that will last 3,5 hours and 21 hours with the charging case. If you are on low juice the case can give a 1 hour charge in just 20 minutes.

 They have a 40ft range, Bluetooth 5.0 and they feature Waterproof IPX5 so you won't worry about rain or sweat.

 The earbuds fit perfectly in any ear as they came with additional silicon parts for adjustments, they are very secure thanks to the earhooks and they are amazingly comfortable.

 Havit G1 comes with noise canceling features and also support wireless charging

 The one button action system is pretty easy to use confortable and you will learn the commands in no time. Also feature mono mode which is great.

 I have personally fallen in love with the look of these earbuds. It is minimalistic and so good looking. They are perfect for any activity and even the case is waterproof.

  I consider Havit TWA G1 one of the best earbuds, pretty affordable for what they can offer. You should take a look at them if you are searching for a good quality and decent priced set of true wireless earbuds.