Many of us love to use projectors to transform our house in a personal movie theater some times. Since the portable projectors appeared we can take out theatre with us almost anywhere. Today there are many companies out there that produce portable projectors, some are pretty good, some are decent and some of them are a waste of money.

 Today we are not talking about any of those above, we will talk about two of the best, Nebula Capsule II and it's predecessor.  Those might be everything you need if you want to buy a good pocket projector with quality image in a small package. So let's dive into it!

Here is the presentation video from their Kickstarter campaign.

Nebula Capsule II

 Nebula Capsule is produced by the well known company that produces some of the best charging cables and audio system, Anker.

 Nebula Capsule was a real success bought for Anker and their thousands of satisfied customers. So they have decided to release the second model which brings some great improvements but also a bigger price. I want to mention from the beginning that those are not cheep portable projectors but they are really worth the money.

 Nebula Capsule II comes in a compact format, smaller than a beer can. It is just a little bigger than the old model which is exactly the size of a soda can. The increase in size might be justified by the bigger integrated speaker which has 8W of power and base booster as the older model had just 5W of power. Bought play 360° sound.

 The Capsule II is equipped with cutting-edge DLP technology which creates a stunning 720p, 200 ANSI lumen image up to 100 inches big. The first model has just 100 ANSI lumen which is also very good, but the second model is much brighter and clearer. 

 Nebula II comes with a new feature called Instant Adjustment. Basically this means 1-second auto-focus analyzes of the projection surface to deliver razor-sharp, high definition images. But bought of them can deliver high quality images.

Nebula Capsule I

 Bought projectors have integrated android software which delivers an awesome experience. The only difference is that the Nebula II runs Android TV 9.0 and the Nebula I runs Android 7.1, but you can enjoy over 3600 apps one any of them including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch and many more.

 A major difference between the two is that Nebula II supports Chromecast so you can experience your most beloved apps from your Android, IOS, Mac or Windows device.

 The universal connectivity is one of the best things about those projectors. They can bought be connected via physical connection like HDMI or USB, or wirelessly over WiFi and Bluetooth. The only difference is that the newer model can be connected over Chromecast.

 Another great feature of the Nebula II is the it is Voice Activated so you can access all your entertainment with the Google Assistant. You can also control the projector with the remote control that it comes with or just using the phone app. Personally I think that the app is more functional and pleasant to use.

 One more thing we have to talk about is the battery life. Although Nebula II is the better version with much more capabilities we have to sacrifice an hour of playtime for all of those if we want to buy this. And the reason is obvious, it needs more power for those 200 ANSI and the 8W speaker. So Nebula I has a 4 hour playtime and Nebula II only 3 hours, which in my opinion is not such a great deal considering the added features. Also to compensate that one hour in minus Nebula II features fast charging and you can watch and charge simultaneously with the included Anker charger.

 The projector can be also used just as a portable Bluetooth speaker if needed which means around 30 hours of playtime.

 Over all Bought are amazing portable projectors which you really have to consider if you want to buy a good quality one. Now everything resumes to how much are you willing to pay for one of these. You can check the price of each one down bellow.