Many people love to take selfies and sometimes it can be a struggle. Taking them just with the phone can sometimes be a little hard and frustrating. Of course there are selfie sticks which were an innovation at the time they were brought to the market, but even those can be uncomfortable to carry around some times, they get in the way of your picture and who likes that selfie wit one hand pointing to the camera?

Today we want to present you a more interesting, futuristic and more comfortable alternative to the conventional selfie stick.


 After a first look at this aerial selfie camera we were pretty impressed mainly by it's size and functionality. It is smaller and easier than a smartphone so the main advantage of this drone the easiness of carrying it with you anywhere you go.

 It is equipped with radar and sonic sensor for maintaining the altitude. You can get it to a pretty decent distance far from yourself (65 feet) and the only thing you need for piloting is your smartphone and the app. It is very simple to use and I will leave you a video down bellow about that.

 Air Selfie made of ultra-durable lite anodized aeronautical grade aluminum so it weights around 2.8 ounces.

 It features a 12 megapixel 1080p HD camera  with anti-vibration shock absorbers and a 16GB micro SD card to ensure the highest quality possible. It is also Android and IOS compatible.


For this size and weight you can imagine that the battery won't last to long. The average flight will be around five minutes, but the charging case provides 10 additional charges so it is a total of 50 minutes of flight which is pretty decent. I also want to mention that the charging case can be used as a power bank for your smartphone in case you need it.

  Over all this is an amazing little camera drone,  but you have to keep in mind that it was mainly designed for taking selfies. You can use it for shooting video but they won't be too steady. Also keep in mind that it will perform the best in low wind conditions. 

 After getting trough all this drone has to offer I must say that it is a little over priced but for sure we will se the price drop down because this month it is announced a new model called Air PIX which will have gesture control. So keep an eye on this one and keep in mind that here you will always find the most updated price.


 There are two options you can chose from when buying this drone. In case you don't want to spend so much you can buy the drone without the additional charging case or get the full option one with the case.

 Here I have for you three more affordable alternatives in case this article has inspired you but you don't want to spend so much on this one. All of them are almost the same size, have similar capabilities but I would like to mention that the last one, Tello, is even better. Tello's design is not similar to the other ones but it size is the same and it is foldable.

 If you would like a separate review about one of the drones down bellow please feel free to tell me in a comment down bellow.

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