Surfing is one of the most exciting sports in the world and everyone gets sparkling eyes when hears about it. There are an estimated 35 million surfers worldwide, but surfing is one of the most demanding sports around. Most surfers get around 8% ride time, spending the rest of it pedaling and lining up with the waves. Many surfers, don't get the chance to surf enough to build the muscle strength and stamina needed to constantly paddle. Besides, surfers with physical limitations may not be able to paddle on their own or may have difficulties doing it. The amount of constant effort compared to the actual ride time can be frustrating, can ruin surfer's overall experience and ultimately, deter some from surfing altogether.
The Boost Surfing Fin is here to change the game forever. It was developed by a team of avid surfers with deep entrepreneurial and technology experience, to solve the problem of paddling forever and also not interfere with the surfing experience in any way.


The electric surf fin has a powerful 800W motor which provides on-demand extra trust to help surfers get in line with the waves faster and catch more waves. The weight of the fin is 1.7lbs which may seel a lot compared to conventional fins but it was designed is such a way that it generates no drag, so it won't interfere with the surfing experience.

The installation process is very simple, you would install the adapter the same way you install your current fin on your surfboard, and the required adapter will be included in the package. At the moment the electric fin is compatible only with Longboard FCS & FCS II Future Softboard tails, but we might see other types of adapters once the product will be launched.


There are three ways in which you can control the fin. Firstly, the fin will be connected to your Android or IOS device via Bluetooth so you can use the dedicated app to set the power and running time for the two boost modes. Then you will be able to use an in-hand remote control, a bracelet or a button that can be attached to your surfing board with the help of a GoPro mount so you can step on it to get that boost. 

The top motor speed is about 11mph, the battery will last for a 2 hours surfing session (the charging time is 1.5 hours), and the motor thrust is about 20 pounds, helping surfers to catch three times more waves.  

Note: in case you fall off the board the motor will automatically stop!

This device is amazing for both beginners and experienced surfers, helping them get the most out of the surfing experience with less physical effort. Adam Bonilla (Surfing Instructor) says: "Beginners must catch their first waves as early as possible so that they can get the excitement and motivation to continue surfing. That product makes it so much simpler to do so, and I love it"


The Electric Surf Fin is getting ready to be launched and if you chose to pre-order before the release date you can benefit from a 33% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Boost Surfing Electric Surf Fin