Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from breath related diseases. That not only translates in high annual medical costs but also into a tone of suffering and discomfort for a lot of people. Everyone knows that the air we bread is not only highly polluted in some areas but also full of Bacteria, VOCs, Polen, Fungi, and Mold wich, in time, can affect our health by weakening the immune system and causing lots of health issues. Lots of people suffer from allergies or asthma and struggle every day because of this dirty air and some people are constantly sick, but the most vulnerable are newborns and children who might suffer a lot in case they develope such conditions at an early age.

There are lots of air purifiers out there that promise to transform your house in a safe environment, but most of the time they are just some fans with filters that can clean the air of dust and sometimes odor but they are not able to kill airborne pathogens, create a lot of noise and pump our electricity bill. But here we talk about something entirely different.

We all know that NASA spends a lot of time and money developing new technologies meant to be used by astronauts in space, and after being used with success out of the atmosphere, those technologies find there way back to earth to make people's lives easier. For example, one of the best isolating clothing material, Goretex, which is used in high quality waterproof and windproof clothing, was firstly used by astronauts in outer space.

The device we are talking about here has been developed to keep the air clean of any bacteria and dust that could have jeopardized the life of astronauts on the space station, and now the same technology is available for everyone.


How does the Airocide air purifier work?

Unlike other air purifiers, Airocide doesn't use filters that trap bacteria inside. Instead, the air is sucked through two catalytic reaction chambers that destroy harmful pathogens at a molecular level. This nanotechnology makes the air purification process extremely efficient and safe. For instance, the device produces no Ozone which can be extremely harmful to people suffering from asthma.

The device has been tested and used successfully by universities and hospitals in operation rooms, and it is proven to be extremely effective in removing airborne pathogens and volatile organic compounds. 

Furthermore, this home air purifier doesn't need maintenance each month as the reaction chambers have to be replaced once a year at a cost of only $100. The process of replacing them is extremely simple and we will leave you a link here on how it's done. |How To Replace Reaction Chambers|


Also, it is good to know that this air purification device is pretty smart so you don't have to give it constant attention all day long. You just have to plug it in, make sure that the front air intakes are not obstructed by anything and that the device is placed above the ground, for example on a nightstand (the ideal height is between 4 and 6 feet). Then you just have to press the button located on the back of the unit and it will start running on a normal speed.

On the front side, you will find the touch-sensitive buttons which allow you to choose between three modes. The normal mode on which the air purifier should run in the day time, the silent mode during the night or if you want to completely forget about it you can set it on auto mode and a photoelectric cell will choose the speed automatically. When it gets dark it will switch on silent and in the morning it will switch back on full speed. Here is a link to the installation guide just to make things easier.


We love the design of this unit because it is minimalist, extremely beautiful, modern and it is quiet. It is a true game-changer in air purification, and it is great to see that NASA technologies are made available to us and help improve our lives.