After years and years of development and research, lots of struggle and testing, the Burton team finally managed to make them so much expected Burton Step On Bindings work perfectly. 

What is Burton Step On Bindings?

If you are a snowboarder or you're into winter sports, in general, you most likely already know what these are and you get excited only hearing about them. But for those hearing about Burton Step On for the first time, this is the newest snowboard binding system that has no straps that you have to tighten around your boots, like the ski ties.

This snowboard binding system was inspired by the snowboarder's biggest struggle which is sitting down on snow every time they wanted to put their boards on. So what began as an idea inspired by the biggest snowboarding problem/inconvenient, transformed into one of the most amazing products ever created by Burton. 


The biggest issue that the team had to solve was making the bindings feel and behave exactly like norma snowboard bindings. There was no room for compromise so every aspect was taken into consideration so that the Step On bindings will give you the same feel as norma bindings. 

The convenience that comes with using these bindings is incredible. You no longer have to stay in the snow while tightening straps and the whole process of getting in and out of the bindings is extremely quick and simple. You just have to step into the bindings and your good to go. Also to get out of them you just have to use a little leaver located on the right side of each heel.

Those bindings are compatible with any kind of snowboard but it is worth mentioning that you will need special boots to use them.


Now, many people will be worried and skeptic about those bindings, fearing that they are not secure enough. But the clipping mechanism is much safer than you can imagine because those bindings have 3 critical parts which are the two toe caps at the front that click in your toe cleats and the heel buckle wick corresponds to the heal security locking on the boots. This makes the Step On bindings extremely secure and gives that normal binding feel.

The bindings, as well as the boots, come in different sizes and models for men, women, and kids. Some boots models also come with a strap that tightens around your ankle which makes it feel like it is a real binding on your foot.

The bindings have been tested by lots of experienced riders and all of them were impressed by how natural they feel. So down below, you will find an awesome Youtube review made by Ryan Knapton who is a professional snowboarder and Youtube blogger. The way he rides his snowboard with those bindings is insane. After we saw him we had no more doubts about Burton Step On bindings. Also if you want to learn how to ride a snowboard or want to improve your riding, we highly recommend you check out his Youtube channel right here > Ryan Knapton. He has some of the best snowboarding tutorials out there.

You can find the Burton Step On Bindings and boots on Amazon, but the problem is that here you won't find all the sizes and diversity as on the official Burton website.