Modular lights are becoming more and more popular these days and that is because they add a truly amazing look to any kind of room no matter if you want to place them in the living area, a studio or you want to decorate your gaming room. Youtubers, especially those who have tech channels love to decorate their studios with these kinds of lights.
There are many options on the market so we have selected the best ones to help you change the look of your room. Now, even though the best ones available are quite expensive, there are some great alternatives out there that you should know about in case you want something more budget-friendly. But first, let's talk about the famous Nanoleaf series.


The Nanoleaf Light Panels have been around for some time and we have to admit that they are the best you can buy at the moment. The mission of the company was to revolutionize the concept of smart lighting by combining technology with brilliant home decor, and the fact that Nanoleaf has been awarded at CES with the INNOVATION AWARD HONOREES each year they have launched a new product is a confirmation that they accomplished it.

At the moment there are two Nanoleaf models available, Aurora and Canvas, which we will be talking about here, but beep in mind that Nanoleaf has introduced a new hexagonal shaped model that will soon be available so stay close as we will have a review on this ass soon as it will be on sale.


Nanoleaf Aurora

The triangular-shaped light panels are the first ones launched by Nanoleaf and after several years this design still looks incredible. The Smarter Kit comes with 9 triangular panels in the box, the controlling module, power adapters specific for where you live, the connectors that send power from one panel to another and the double-sided sticky tape that you will need to mount them on the wall. Now, not all packages come with the Rithm module (makes the pannels sound-sensitive) included. The Rithm Edition Kit will have one but otherwise, you have to purchase it separately. It is great to have but not a must, instead, you could opt for an Expansion Kit to add more panels to your wall lighting design.

The mounting process is not too hard but it requires some preparations. At first, you should ley the panels on the floor to experiment with the shapes and decide on the design you want to create because you don't want to change your mind after the panels are stuck


to the wall. This sometimes can result in a mess. You will also have to decide on the place you want to install the panels in case you want to hide the controlling unit and the power cable behind furniture or anything else. A little piece of advice, always try to install the first panel perfectly straight because the rest will follow the first one. You will find more instructions on how to stick the pannes on the wall inside the package.

After the installation process is complete you want o download the Nanoleaf App that gives all the power over your panels and connect the unit to your home's Wifi network. In the app, you will be able to control absolutely everything. You can choose to use color presets or adjust the color of each panel individually exactly as you want. The possibilities are endless so if you can imagine a design you can create it within the app. Also, if you have the Rithm module connect that too and your light panels will react to the music.

We want to let you know that the lights look incredible and they are very saturated. The only thing you will definitely want to adjust is the brightness as the Nanoleaf panels are ridiculously bright. You will most likely keep the brightness somewhere around 50% most of the time.


Overall, the Nanoleaf Aurora is amazing, they are extremely well built and they are definitely some innovative smart lights that you should check out if you want something special.

Nanoleaf Canvas

The Canvas model works basically on the same principals as the first model, but there are some major differences we want to point out. To begin with, those panels are squared and they are fully lighted compared with the previous model which has shaded corners. Also, these panels have a unique way of distributing the light which adds some kind of depth to your design. 

The functionality has been drastically improved because now you don't have to use a controlling module as it is integrated into one of the panels along with the microphone, so they got rid of the Rithm module as well. Moreover, this master panel can be placed anywhere in the design and the power input can be ass well connected to any light panel, it doesn't need to be connected to the master.


The most interesting improvement is touch sensitivity. Every panel reacts to your touch and thanks to that you can create your own gestures within the app so you can control your light design just by sliding your hand over it. 

The rest, as we said warks basically the same, you can also opt for an Expansion Kit for the Canvas model too, and as a matter of fact, you can add an unlimited number of panels to your design but the maximum number supported by the power source in both the case of the Canvas and Aurora is 30. So you will need another power source for anything that goes beyond that.



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