We put so much effort into making that perfect cup of coffee, but most of the time we simply pour it into a cup ending up with burning or lukewarm coffee and we never really enjoy it fully. You know how it goes, you take the coffee with you and start checking the news, scrolling on Instagram or reading your favorite book, and the next time you take a sip it is already cold.

 So technology had to do something about this problem as it can solve almost anything. That is how the temperature control heated mug has been created to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for you from the moment you pour it in till you take the last sip.


 Ember temperature control smart mug is designed to look like a typical mug but it allows you to control the exact temperature of any liquid you put inside it. 

 The design of the heated mug looks premium, made out of steel coated in ceramic for a high-quality touch and better temperature isolation. Also, the saucer-shaped charging doc is made out of ceramic.  

The mug has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it with you around the house without worrying your drink will get cold. The battery can last up to 1.5 hours depending on the initial temperature of your drink. By using Bluetooth connectivity you can set the mug's temperature from your phone inside the dedicated app so that your drink will stay at your desired temperature at all times. 


 The heated mug doesn't have an on/off switch as it automatically turns on when you start liquid inside. As an advice, you should start with the liquid already very hot so the mug doesn't need to drain the battery to heat the drink and just keeps it worm. Don't worry, you won't burn yourself as the mug will let the dring cool to the desired temperature at first. Speaking of temperature, you can set the smart mug to heat our drink to 143° F (62° C).

 In case you have multiple heated mugs in the house, the app allows you to customize the LED on the base of your mug, responsible for indicating on/of state and battery life, to any color so you always know which one is yours.

 Keep in mind that if you drink your coffee at the desk it is always better to keep the mug on the charging dock, that way it won't drain the battery. Also, the mug is waterproof but the company recommends to wash it by hand and avoid putting it inside the washing machine. When you are finished with it just put the smart mug on the charging plate so that the next time you use it it will be fully charged.

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

 The Temperature Control Mug comes in two sizes 10oz and 14oz being delivered into three colors, black, white and chrome. Also, if you are thinking about tacking your drink on the go you have to check out the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug.

 Although this smart mug is pretty expensive, it will revolutionize the way you drink your coffee in the morning. Now if you are looking for something a little cheaper we suggest you try the JIMI Temperature Control Ceramic Mug which doesn't have that premium look but it is still amazing and will help you save some money.