When we discovered this we were amazed by how many people all around the world need such devices and still not to many know about them.
 First of all, goTenna is the worlds leading mobile mesh networking that creates the possibility for people to stay connected without the need of the grid. goTenna is well known for creating some of the best compact, reliable and secure communication devices used by the military in their training and also by the search and rescue teams activating in case of hazards to help them know at all times where each of the team members is and establish direct communication between them. But here we want to talk about the devices which are more accessible to the masses, allowing people to stay connected when the grid is not available. So let's see how those devices work and how they can be useful.


How goTenna Mesh Works?

goTenna Mesh pairs to your phone via Bluetooth (so it is compatible with any Android or IOS devices) and generates its own radio signal so you can send text and GPS locations using the dedicated app. You won't need a cell tower, routers or satellites as this device is meant to work entirely independent from the grid.

  Those devices can communicate with one another within a maximum range of 4 to 5 miles, depending on the terrain and the structures, that can interfere with the signal. You can send and receive privet messages, establish group chats or broadcast to any goTenna in the area. goTenna is incredible in point to point communication and the best thing is that by using this mash networking technology it is possible to double or triple your range by hopping trough other mash units in the area as every device acts as a relay. You don't need to know the other users as everything is automatic and private. 

This network becomes stronger and stronger as more people are joining every day. This is called people-powered connectivity. There is a map available online where you can see how many users are new on the globe and also, the areas where most of those devices can be found.     goThenna World Map.


The goTenna is powered by a LiPo 589mAh, 2.18Wh battery that provides 24 hours of contact and 27 hours in standby and it charges fully in 3 hours via micro USB. So if you are gone for multiple days in the wilderness it is good to have a power bank with you. Also, the device is water-resistant so you won't need to worry about rain. If you want to see all the technical specs here they are.

The situations in wich you will need such a device

As we said earlier, those communication devices can be used in a bunch of situations mostly when everything else is offline or can not be accessed.

   Outdoor Adventures
If you are out in the wilderness, in remote areas and you need to establish contact between the members of your group, it can help you send and receive messages and most importantly you will always know where everyone is. It is great in case of emergencies.

   International Travel
goTenna can help you avoid costly international plans by using goTenna to stay in touch with your fellow travelers. This is one of the greatest use of this device because travelers are always passing trough many countries and most of the time when they get back home, receiving that bill is not pleasant at all. With this, they can always stay in touch without paying an extra penny for that.


   Emergency Preparedness
If you have this device you can create a resilient backup communication network for emergencies even if traditional networks are down. This can be extremely useful in case of calamities and natural disasters so you can always contact your family and friends.

   Festivals and Crowds
Imagine you're at a music festival and all cell networks are overloaded. We are sure that this happened to you at least once. You can't talk to your friends and don't know where they are so the only chance you have is to walk all over the place hoping you will stumble upon them by chance. But if you have a device like this you can always keep in touch and locate everyone.

Finally, anyone can use this device as it doesn't require you to have a radio license and you don't need any advanced instructions to use it. goTenna is plug and play.
We recommend this amazing communication device to anyone who travels a lot or frequently goes to remote areas. It will help you a lot and it is a pretty affordable alternative for radios which also requires a license to be used.